What is a Virtual Call Center Virtual Contact Center, VCC?

Losing an employee you have spent resources to train can be a loss and has particularly severe consequences for a small business. When employees are happier, the likelihood of them looking elsewhere goes down. In the e-commerce era, you likely have customers on a global scale.


Remember, one bad review can completely change how consumers perceive your business. That’s because trust is the new currency that brands and customers trade with. And if you lose your customers’ trust, you’ll experience high churn rates and ultimately lose money. That’s why business owners are using new types of customer service to ensure every customer is satisfied with the service they receive.

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what is virtual customer service customer service boasts many benefits that make it a perfect solution in almost every industry. Customers don’t have to wait for hours in line to receive customer support when your organization has a virtual customer service team. In addition, the ease of internal transferring and global agent availability enables your business to offer faster customer service. Nowadays, the addition of AI-powered chatbots reduces wait times further because computer algorithms can instantly perform simple customer service tasks.

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A VA can free your team’s time so they can focus on their job and more complex work. In addition, if your customer service team has been overworked lately, you can safely hire a virtual customer assistant to share the workload. Today, customers can contact you through multiple channels – telephone, email, WhatsApp, or any customer support app like Talkdesk. If there is a communication method, you must have a ready presence on the medium. Instead, hire a virtual customer support assistant to offer support across multiple channels. Virtual customer-service agents are software systems that can be used in online settings to act as recommendation agents.

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A CSR needs to have a number of skills including communication skills, agility, taking ownership, effective listener, patience etc. just to list few. The point is that a good CSR resource is what makes an organization’s image or digs it into the ground. It’s about truly wanting to help them by offering them multiple communication channels, so they can get the information they need. And getting the right information, especially nowadays, is crucial. A chatbot can answer frequently asked questions conversationally, help to find a product, offer a discount, or recommend a service.

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Yet, the value it can add to your business will carry on into the future, even after you’ve resumed to normal operations. It will keep your brand relevant and keep your customers excited about your products or services. Through virtual customer service, people will identify you as a reliable brand that has responded and adapted to their needs in the trickiest of times. As a business owner, you need to be strategic in handling your finances now more than ever. Virtual customer service can significantly reduce your operational costs without compromising brand value. By switching your customer service online, you no longer have to foot the bill for infrastructure, utilities, and other expenses that come with brick-and-mortar operations.

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To address their patients’ concerns, they have launched Corona check websites that can be accessed anytime for free. Businesses affected by COVID-19You just need to move your interactions with your customers to the Coronavirus-safe space. The Coronavirus outbreak has rapidly spread around the world leaving people worried about their jobs and lives.


If you want to offer your customers an option to order a phone call via the live chat, you can create and Order a Phone Call bot from scratch or use one of free chatbot templates. Digital channels often reduce the time the customer needs to spend waiting to receive a response. Examples of companies that provide virtual call center software include Zendesk, CloudTalk and Five9. Teams distributed across time zones enable organizations to provide support whenever customers need it, thus increasing customer satisfaction.

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When you hire a virtual customer support assistant to provide call answering services, you can rely on them to handle the workload, freeing up much time for other significant tasks and operations. Of the many virtual customer service channels, live chat is arguably the best option your company has in its arsenal to curb the increasing customer churn rates. That’s because it’s a perfect mixture of what’s best about in-person customer service.

  • In just 24 hours, you can begin working with one of our virtual assistants.
  • Nearly 60% of people say that if they are not able to work remotely, they would “‘absolutely’ look for a new job.
  • This means that when you get your VA onboard, you don’t have to invest the time and resources to train them.
  • One automatic message is enough to let your audience know what has changed and how they can reach you.
  • By using words that aren’t a part of an everyday conversation customer gains a much higher opinion about the agent’s knowledge.
  • Your VA’s skills can offer to your customers, and you can include everything from managing phone calls to training and management.

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